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 Faculty of Science  


Dr. Parasuram Kamilya                             Assistant Professor

Dr. Gouri Das                                            Assistant Professor Botany

Sri. Abhijit Biswas                                     Part Time Teacher (Govt. Approved) 

Sri. Tanmoy Majumdar                              Guest Teacher

Sri. Ajoy Das                                             Guest Teacher



Dr. Piyali Sengupta                                   Assistant Professor 

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Das                              Assistant Professor

Smt. Sultana Yeasmin                               Assistant Professor

Dr. Subhashis Biswas                               Assistant Professor

Sri. Bhabendu Bhattacharya                     Sl. Grade G. L. I. 

Sri. Ashoke Kumar Ghosh                         Sl. Grade G. L. I.



Sri. Saikat Ghosh                                      Contractual Teacher



Sri. Prasanta Dhair                                    Assistant Professor

Dr. Laxman Saha                                      Assistant Professor



Dr. Asish Kr.Das                                       Associate Professor 

Smt. Madhumita Dhar                              Assistant Professor



Dr. Tathagata Chakraborty                      Assistant Professor 

Smt. Poulami Saha                                   Part Time Teacher (Govt. Approved) 

Smt. Sanchita Chaki                                 Guest Teacher

Smt. Modhusmrita Ghosh                         Guest Teacher


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