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 College Museum
The College has very rich Historical Museum containing antique collection of great historical importance including Ancient Coins, Stone artifacts, swords, fossils, terracotta, ornamental stones, Old manuscripts, Sculptures etc of the Pali-Sen Period. It also features of all 11th century of Nayapala from Gangarampur. Continuous work is going on with the financial assistance of Minister of culture, Government of India under the scheme of “Promotion and Strengthening if Regional and local Museum” with a view to open the well decorated museum very shortly to the students, general public, scholars, visitors and culturally enriched people of the locality and its surroundings to provides valuable information regarding the heritage of this district. The museum, for its immense importance, has been included in the tourist map of West Bengal as an important please of visit. The professor in charge of the museum explain implications to the students in the off time to promote interest in history which is affiliated upto post graduate standard n this college. 

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