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 College Library

The college has a good library house in a two storied building within the college campus. There are more than 30 thousand copies of books in the library including a Text Book library.

The college has two separate well furnished Reading Rooms.



Membership of the college Library will be open to :

  • Students of the College.
  • Members of the College Teaching Staff.
  • Members of the College Non-teaching Staff.
  • Members of the College Governing Body.



For each individual member the maximum number of books to be borrowed for use at home shall be as follows :

  • An Honours Course student - Two Copies.
  • A General Course student - One Copy.



  • Readers shall not write upon, damage, fold the pages of or put any mark upon any book (Periodical, manuscript or map or any other material belonging to the library). If any member infringes the rules, he will have to replace the book or pay the cost of the book.


  • Before leaving the counter, the reader/member shall satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in perfect condition. If not, he shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the librarian, or in his absence his assistant otherwise he is liable to be responsible for the replacement of the book by a second copy or he will pay the price of that book to be decided by the librarian according to the current price.


Books of reference shall not be issued outside the College. They should be consulted in the Library.


  • Books and other documents that have been taken out are liable to be recalled at any time. But if not so recalled, they may be kept for one month by a teacher and fortnight by stud and under exceptional circumstances; the date may be extended by the Librarian by seven days at his discretion.


  • Books having a limited number of copies and book which are in constant demand, shall not ordinarily be retained for more than a week, such book may be issued for a shorter period as may be decided by the Librarian.


  • Books and documents, when recalled, shall be returned immediately.


  • All books issued must be returned to the library for annual stocking on or before the Principal Members of Teaching and non-teaching and students, which leaving the college, should produce to the appropriate authority a clearance certificate signed by the librarian.


  • Regulars shill non sub-land books borrowed from the Library to any person or Institution, non-transfer them to any other member.


  • Renewals may be made on presentation of the book at the lending counter.


  • Members, while going on leave for a period of exceeding 30 (thirty) days shall return the book to the Library.


  • A student will cease to be member of the library after final Examination of the University. All book must be returned within three days from the last date of the final Examination. A student should obtain a certificate from the Library.


  • If a book is not returned by the student when due or overdue, charge of Rs. 0.50 (fifty) per volume per day shall be levied for the first 15 days. For subsequent days, this charge will continue per day per volume.


  • A student against whom any overdue or other charges are out-standing, shill not be allowed to borrow books or withdraw his deposit until he has paid the amount.


  • Talking and smoking are strictly prohibited in the Library. The Librarian may refuse admission into the library to any person informing the rules and regulations of the Library. Prior to suspension or cancellation of the membership of any body violating Library Rules in any form, the Librarian should bring it to the notice of the Principal.


  • For the students of morning section the library is open for extended hours for which students are required to know the specific days of the week and hour from the Library.

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