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Governing Body A registered society – Balurghat College – forms the Governing Body of the college and is the final authority on all matters relating to the college.


Sri. Ajay Kumar Saha, President, Governing Body

Prof. Prasanta Dhair, Teacher-in-charge / Secretary

Prof. Debajyoti Sarkar, T.C. Member.

Dr. Shyam Charan Barma, T.C. Member

Dr. Yang Lhamu Bhutia, T.C. Member

Sri. Subhendu Kumar Mahato , Governing Nominee

Dr. Krishna Ghosh, University Nominee

Prof. Ramen Bhadra, University Nominee

Sri.   Swapan Kumar Majumder, Member from Non-teaching Staff

Sri. Debojit Basak, Member from Non-teaching Staff

Vacant, G.S.



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